CaLyCo Crossing


CaLyCo Crossing is the offspring of two couples, Carol & Stephen and Lynette & Denny. We got together in 1991, talked a lot and then in September 1993 opened our store at 407 Main Street, Laurel.

CaLyCo Crossing got its name from its parents:
Carol, Lynette, and the two Co-conspirators (the husbands.)

In 1995 we bought Triple R Western Wear & Catalog which had been in Fairfax, Virginia

Lynette & Denny reluctantly decided to leave the store and pursue other interests. We still keep in touch with each other.
Carol & Stephen continue to operate the store and dance whenever they get the chance.
In September of 2005 the store front was closed and CaLyCo Crossing became a full time catalog and internet business.
In 2008 Carol & Stephen moved to Lamesa, Texas taking the business with them. They will continue dancing and providing excellent service to their customers
See you on the dance floor!
Carol & Stephen

CaLyCo Crossing
2003 County Road 13, Lamesa, Tx, 79331-1806
806-497-6334  //  800-627-0412 // 806-497-6334 (Fax)